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Friday, May 18, 2012

Small Photo-Frame greeting cards

I know... I know... I have posted sneak peak of my small cards a long time ago and haven't posted the actual pictures ever since. I am not in good mood and have become very very lazy to do anything in the world. Just want to relax... relax... and relax.

Today I thought enough of this laziness. It's high time that I must post the actual pictures. So, I am uploading all the different cards that I made. Actually I made 2 varieties. Both the varieties have an option to put your own stamping content or print message or photograph in the card. For sample I have just provided my own stamped sheet.

Size: 9.0 cm x 10.5 cm

Size: 9.0 cm x 10.5 cm

E-mail me at

(Click on the picture or open in new window to see the full size of the card)

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Jolly’s Signature Flower - "The Fairy Wings"

It’s a very special day for me - "12th May 2012" as it was my 3rd marriage anniversary. And it was a great surprise for me when in the morning I woke up I saw my sister, Jolly (Suchitra) in front of me holding presents. I never ever expected that she would come from Hyderabad to Bangalore just for my anniversary. I could not stop crying when I realized that it’s truly her in front of me and it’s not just my imagination. All night I was dreaming of what I would present her on her upcoming b’day and here she is standing in front of me with her special handmade gift. 

She brought me sweets, chocolate and her special handmade greeting card. She chose this day to introduce her signature flower to me and to the world. We have given it a name "The Fairy Wings" flower. We have given the name since the flower looks too delicate, just like the wings of a fairy. 

Here’s the card she presented me with her signature flower:
(This picture shows the original color of the card elements)

She packed it in a gorgeous pouch with my favorite Temptation chocolate. She even made this gorgeous envelop herself. 

Friday, May 11, 2012

My Signature Bookmarks - for the Swap

So, I am participating in a bookmark swapping event where in we would be swapping our bookmarks with each other. I registered for it but had no idea what to make and how. All I could remember is Lin’s quilled teddy bear bookmarks. I love those bookmarks. I have seen many other bookmarks. And personally I have a huge collection of bookmarks that range from printed paper book marks to metal bookmarks. I love them. Whenever I purchase books I make sure the shopkeeper gives me a good amount of bookmarks and that too whatever designs he has. 

Now, when it comes to quilled bookmark I always wonder how the quilled designs sustain under the pressure of the papers and the books – don’t they look odd with some pages bulging. Well, that made me to look out for ideas. Initially I thought I would go for a twist with the origami version of the bookmarks. However, I wanted a version where I can implement Lin’s punched bookmark ideas. And thus I came up with my version of bookmark – GG's Signature Bookmark.

Before I prepared these 23 bookmarks, I had experimented with a different design. Here's how the bookmark looks in a book:

Here's how the bookmark looks that I made for the swap:

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